A Shared Future

Consumers no longer passively take in commercial content. They interact with it and create their own content. They are content producers in their own right, and they have made the leap from consumption to interaction to participation.

The newest models for commercial entertainment view audiences as active collaborators of content. This collaboration – this co-creation of value – can take many forms. It crosses genres, mediums, and technologies.

But regardless of the collaborative format, the goal is always to construct deeper, richer entertainment experiences by building bridges between audiences and creatives.

Runes of Gallidon

“Night falls on five millennia of prosperity; dawn awaits those courageous enough to seize power.

It is the 5,108th year of the Age of Gallidon. Seven years have passed since the Destruction claimed the Emperor and the Imperial Isle. The magical forces that protected the Empire are breaking down. The remaining nobility pursue their own agendas, even as unspeakable threats emerge from the shadows. The world enters a new age, its fate unwritten…”

RoG_wallpaper_1680 x1050

Runes of Gallidon is a collaborative world project developed by Brain Candy, LLC.

“Discover a world, forge its future.”


Currently closed to submissions, the world of Gallidon remains open for use

under the terms the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported license.